Why I Love Optometry

I see patients who cant see 20/20 even with glasses. I can help restore their vision but I would rather prevent the problem. Only an eye doctor can check if your baby needs glasses. Sometimes the vision is poor in just one eye, so the child acts normal but is silently developing amblyopia


So simple….. just a pair of glasses…… a life changed forever.

This is why I love optometry and especially InfantSEE.

Her name is Piper.  Her parents were concerned because she wasn’t crawling.  The pediatrician recommended an eye exam and they took Piper to see Dr. Josiah Young at Opticare Vision Center.   Dr. Young is an InfantSEE provider. He diagnosed Piper with significant hyperopia (farsightedness) and prescribed glasses.  This is what happened when mom wrestled with her to get the glasses on and Piper’s life was changed forever.  For starters, the voices of her parents now have faces. Piper has been wearing the glasses for about a month now and she is making huge developmental strides.  Go Piper!

Thank you Dr. Young and InfantSEE.  You rock my world.

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Piper and her pink glasses on CNN

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