Homework without Tears: Hannah’s Story

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Hannah once excelled in all things learning-related. Through first grade, she was academically and socially talented, and her parents Scot and Mandy got nothing but good feedback from her teachers.

But when the next school year started, so did Hannah’s struggles, culminating in a significant drop in her grades in the 3rd grade. Homework that should have taken her an hour or less started taking two or three, usually accompanied by temper tantrums and tears. “I can’t tell you how many tear-stained assignments she turned in,” her parents recall, “We tried tutors and after-school programs for her over the next year or so but did not see a significant improvement.”

Luckily for the family, Hannah’s grandmother is a learning disabilities teacher and knew exactly how to recognize struggles in school. While she watched Hannah read, she noticed that her eyes were not moving in straight lines (tracking) across…

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