Yorba Linda Optometry and Beyond is a full-scope optometric practice with a focus on vision therapy and rehabilitation. Besides comprehensive eye exams for people of all ages, Yorba Linda Optometry and Beyond provides many other unique services with the goal of optimizing visual potential and function. At Yorba Linda Optometry & Beyond, you will experience personalized eye care in a friendly environment that empowers you to make the best choices to meet the challenges of life in the 21st century. Our mission is to change lives by providing innovative and preventative eye care.

Meet Dr. Marran

Vision is a learned ability.

It can be compromised during a child’s development, from an inherent weakness or excessive visual stress, by stroke or trauma or simple aging. Symptoms such as losing one’s place when reading, blurry vision, headaches, eye strain and avoidance of school work, are all tell tale signs of an inadequate visual system.

Vision can be improved, trained and enhanced.

Most people can benefit from some visual training. At Yorba Linda Optometry and Beyond we teach strategies to be able to reach your goals. We have the knowledge and experience to help both individuals with compromised visual systems, as well as normal athletes looking for an edge over competition.

What is Vision Therapy?

– A program individualized to treat the visual needs of a patient

– Performed under doctor supervision

– In-office weekly sessions of 50 minutes

– Supplemented with at home therapy 4 days a week

– Designed to correct or enhance visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive processes including:

  • Eye tracking and teaming
  • Eye focusing
  • Visual spatial awareness and processing

Our Approach:

We use specialized computer programs, therapeutic lenses, prisms, filters, and engaging games and exercises to help you master the visual skills needed to perform optimally in various daily situations such as: in the classroom, on the athletic field, on the computer or reading.


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